The Official Jeff Gordon VIP Experience: Testimonials

The Official Jeff Gordon VIP Experience: Testimonials

The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience is not available for 2019. If you’re interested in being part of the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience, sign up here to join the waiting list to receive information about future availability –

Here’s what Jeff Gordon VIP guests have had to say about their experience.

“I’ve been watching Nascar since I was 3 years old. I would sit on the couch with my dad cheering on Jeff and the rainbow car! As a little boy, a car with that many colors was awesome! My dad and I have attended hundreds of Nascar races since 1998, but I’ve never met my idol, Jeff.

Heading into the race weekend at Bristol knowing this experience was going to happen, I was very nervous and excited. I don’t usually get too star struck, but Jeff is different.

Jeff talked to our group and was very genuine. He didn’t give answers that he would give the media, and that was very personal to each of us. I’ve met other drives and told them stories and most either don’t respond, or they will say something short like “Cool”. I told Jeff a quick story while he signed my print of his 2013 Martinsville win, and he truly seemed engaged and even responded with a quick story of his own.

Jeff cares about his fans and this sport and this experience really makes you feel like you and the group is what Jeff cares about. You can tell he enjoys talking with the fans and isn’t rushed to get somewhere. HIGHLY encourage everyone to attend this experience!”

– Joel G. from Waynesboro, Virginia (Bristol Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Watkins Glen

“The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was the experience of a lifetime for me! I have been a fan of Jeff Gordon ever since I was a little kid. He was my childhood hero, and I always dreamed of what it would be like to meet him. It was a very surreal experience to finally get that opportunity! He was very nice, he treated everyone with the upmost respect, and he answered our questions in great detail. He really showed that he wanted to be there and was happy to be meeting us. It was really cool to go behind-the-scenes! This is something that I will never forget. This was truly the experience of a lifetime, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience is an incredible opportunity for any and every Jeff Gordon fan out there.”

– Kyle Y. from North Syracuse, NY (Watkins Glen Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

“We had an absolutely amazing time in Bristol! Best race I’ve ever been to! Would have been perfect if Jeff had won though. Our Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was terrific from start (booking online) to end. Booking was easy, instructions were specific & detailed and the staff were great too. On time, nice and very easy to deal with.

Meeting Jeff was an extraordinary event in my life. By chance, in 1992, I walked past a television that had a Winston Cup race on. I soon began hearing familiar names like Earnhardt, Martin, Petty and Wallace. My father was an avid race fan and as kids, races were on every TV we had. I sat down and decided to watch the race for nostalgia sake. The commentators were talking about this new guy, Jeff Gordon, and his rainbow car. I was mesmerized, I loved the car! The driver was pretty cute too.

When I met my husband, we planned to attend some races, and started with Indianapolis, Richmond, Las Vegas and then Jeff announced that this year would be his last driving full time. I was devastated. I wanted to go to Bristol, my bucket list race, I wanted to meet my idol! So we did!

Jeff was amazing! He came out smiling and ready for us! Every ounce a gentleman, kind, interested and answered every question asked of him with from the heart answers. When it was our turn to have our photo taken with Jeff, he asked what I had brought, it was a book I had made from the Richmond night race my husband and I had gone to for our first wedding anniversary in 2011. He looked through the book and thought it was pretty cool before signing it.

I was over the moon to meet the man I had idolized for over 20 years. So happy that we were able to meet, chat, have pics and autographs taken with him before this final season ends. What a dream come true. I am so proud to be a Jeff Gordon fan, he is a standup guy, with a generous heart. I’m glad the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was available, so I could check one more thing off my bucket list, meeting “the man”!”

– Sue S. from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (Bristol Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Watkins Glen

“Everyone has their hero and since I started following NASCAR, Jeff Gordon has been mine. Both on and off the track, he always shows class. He is very deserving of respect for all his charitable work and love of children. Meeting Jeff was not only fun, but truly an honor. The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was a 50th birthday gift to me and it was the best birthday gift ever! Nothing can top the opportunity to talk one on one with your hero.”

– Jacquiline M. from Niagara Falls, NY (Watkins Glen Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Kentucky

“It has been my dream to meet Jeff Gordon since I was 10 years old and saw a young man win the inaugural Brickyard 400. A class act from the start, I immediately became a huge fan of Jeff, going to see him at different racetracks, always hoping to get to say hello to him and possibly get his autograph. Then came the news from my husband that he had purchased a VIP Experience package for me. I was surprised, nervous, and excited, all at the same time! Plus, I had to wait 3 months until the Experience.

One of my biggest fears was the old adage, “Never meet your heroes.” What if Jeff wasn’t as nice and cool as I had always imagined? The fears fell away as Jeff walked out to meet our group and started answering questions. He was genuine, engaging, and just as cool as I had always imagined!

After the initial question and answer period, Jeff took the time to talk to me as he signed a picture of his first NASCAR win that I had from 21 years ago, commenting on my 24 shirt, backpack, nails and temporary tattoos, then posed for a picture that I have framed and will treasure for the rest of my life!

I would recommend the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience to anyone who has always dreamt of meeting him. It is an experience that I will never forget. GO 24!”

– Leigh Ann P. from Union, KY (Kentucky Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Kentucky

“I had never been a fan of NASCAR as I was growing up. All that changed when I married my wife, a woman who put the FAN in fanatic for someone named Jeff Gordon. She told me stories of how she had been at Charlotte when Jeff was walking under the entrance tunnel and had yelled JEFF at the top of her lungs. He looked up at her, smiled and waved. In the 11 years we have been together, I have heard that story a million times. Add to that the tons of Jeff Gordon memorabilia that she had stockpiled, and it began to dawn on me that I had married the ultimate Super Fan.

I tried to do special things for her relating to JG, as I sometime call him, ’cause he’s cool, but it never seemed to be the thing I was looking for. Then, I got the email. As a member of Jeff’s fan club, my wife was invited to the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience a full 2 weeks before it was opened up to the general public. I immediately registered my wife and myself, and the rest is history.

Jeff was every bit as nice in person as he is on TV (unless you wreck him). He answered questions that I am sure he has answered a thousand times before with genuine enthusiasm for his fans, who, by the way, he thanked repeatedly during the time he spent with us.

When it came time for our autograph and picture, Jeffro, as I sometimes call him, ’cause he’s cool, listened as I told him about my sister, a cancer survivor who had been disabled from her treatment, a huge fan who couldn’t make the trip. I had brought her picture on my phone, and he took the time to pose with her picture on the phone and wished her a happy birthday. Class in every sense of the word.

I would say to anyone thinking about the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience, just do it! I will not forget the kindness Jeff showed to my wife and my sister. Even when Jeff is finished with racing, I will remain a fan.”

– Paul P. from Union KY (Kentucky Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

“Thank you so much to Jeff and the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience for making this day possible! For me, it was the perfect day from beginning to end! Jeff was so welcoming to all of us and very gracious as he spent time answering our questions and listening to our comments. Next, we all got Jeff’s autograph on one of our very own, favorite pieces of Jeff Gordon memorabilia that we were able to bring as part of the VIP Experience. THEN….We got our picture taken with Jeff….it was So Exciting and So much Fun!

This day will always be a very special memory for me….that I was able to meet Jeff Gordon, this year in Daytona….his last year of racing. I am so proud to be his fan! His passion for racing, his unmatched talent, skill and sportsmanship on the race track, will be greatly missed next season and every season. Jeff’s passion and dedication to the children and families of The Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation gives them hope and compassion. He is truly a man and driver that all of us, his fans, can be proud of on and off the track! May God Bless you Jeff, in your new journey ahead.

The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience is a day you will always remember!”

– Roslyn S. from Indian Harbour Beach, FL (Daytona Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

“What an amazing way to start a race weekend! We drove down to New Hampshire from just east of Toronto, Canada and the excitement was building all the way down! I’ve been a dedicated Jeff Gordon fan for over twenty years now and I could not quite believe that I was actually going to meet him.

When we pulled into the parking lot at New Hampshire for the morning meet and greet – I had to do my over the top happy dance in the car just to get it out of my system! Our guide for the experience was friendly and happy to share information about the activities that go on behind-the-scenes as the team prepares for the race. As we sat down waiting for Jeff to join our group, you could feel the excitement and anticipation that everyone was experiencing.

Jeff was the consummate gentleman – welcoming, open and friendly. He shared with us some of his insights about the season and graciously answered all of our questions. The experience of meeting my favorite driver, someone that I have respected for his skills, his perseverance, what he has brought to NASCAR and his values, both on and off the track, and realizing that he is exactly the type of person I expected him to be, was nothing short of amazing.

Thank you Jeff, for all you have done for the sport, for you capacity to give of yourself to your fans and to the many people you have helped though your charitable work. Thank you for years of excitement (and even a few heartbreaks) while watching you race, and thank you for the very memorable experience of meeting you. I am going to miss seeing you on the track in the years ahead, but I wish you and your beautiful family the very best of everything.”

– Denise D. from Ontario, Canada (New Hampshire Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, New Hampshire

“Back in early 2000 my daughter introduced me to watching NASCAR. Of course Kris being a great fan of Jeff Gordon, I also became a fan of Jeff, after all we share the same birthdate. Through the years of watching NASCAR, I have grown to realize that Jeff is not only a great driver, a model for all rookies to look up to, but an outstanding person off the track. He is involved in so much on and off the track and manages the time to be a great family man. I am proud to be a fan and am extremely proud to have had the opportunity to meet him. Thank you, Jeff Gordon.”

– Elwood M. from Lancaster, MA (New Hampshire Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, New Hampshire

“My Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was an emotional, yet amazing and memorable one. Last year, I brought my 13 year old son, Josh, to his first NASCAR race. Josh is autistic, but loves to watch the races with me and loves Jeff and the 24 team. This year, I wanted to bring him with me to the VIP event to meet Jeff and see the #24 car up close knowing that he probably would never get that opportunity again, but he was very nervous and I thought it best not to make him uncomfortable. So, I went alone and asked Jeff to sign Josh’s first official Jeff Gordon shirt that he got at the race last year. He personalized it for Josh, and I walked away so grateful and felt that in some way Josh was there with me. Thank you Jeff for giving your fans the opportunity to share special moments with you and thank you for bringing a beautiful smile to Josh’s face. Forever grateful. Thank you for all the years of great racing. You will be missed.”

– Deirdre W. from Lynbrook, New York (New Hampshire Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

“I met Jeff the first time when he was 10 at CQMA racing quarter midgets and my son was too. Then, the family moved to Indiana and I followed him in sprints, midgets and up through NASCAR. I also met him in Phoenix at a fan club event several years ago. He has always been so gracious with his time for his fans. I wanted to go to the VIP event last year, but it just didn’t work out. This year I was determined and found out after I signed up that Jeff was retiring. I was so happy I could go. Everyone was so nice. We met with Jeff and he talked about his future, answered questions, signed our items, and took pictures with each of us. I’ve always been impressed with the work he does for children’s cancer research and for the kids. I’ll always cherish this opportunity and the chance to say thank you to Jeff for all the years I’ve enjoyed seeing him race. Looking forward to hearing and seeing him on the TV broadcast.”

– Yvonne S. from Lincoln, CA (Sonoma Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Chicago

“For my Dad’s 94th birthday, my family purchased the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. It was a complete surprise to him. On behalf of my family, especially my father, I would like to thank Jeff Gordon and his dedicated staff, for taking the time to meet, greet, talk with (not at) him and make my father feel like a part of the “team”. Afterwards, my father said, “I will think about this day for the rest of my life and I will always have this great memory”. I am eternally grateful for everything he experienced that day. Everyone deserves credit for his happiness. The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was really great!”

– Suzanne D. from Aurora, IL (Chicagoland Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Chicago

“I was fortunate enough to be part of the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience in Chicago for the first race of the Chase. Other than the excitement and anticipation killing me, everything was incredibly smooth from the communication, directions and meeting Jeff. He spent time with the group talking about the excitement of this season and how the team was really set for success. We got to ask questions and all got our pictures taken with him. Being a fan for 20+ years, this was worth every penny and I would do it again. This is a must-do for any Jeff Gordon fan. Let’s win the championship!”

– Casie B. from Beaverton, OR (Chicagoland Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Daytona

“I decided to treat myself and go to the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience at Daytona. It was the best money I have ever spent. Everyone involved made you feel special. We were taken to meet Jeff in a private, exclusive area. Jeff is even nicer in person than I imagined. He treated us like we were his friends just hanging out and talking. He answered our questions and even thanked us for being his fan. I was very impressed. If I have the chance to do the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience again, I will. If you get a chance to do the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience, do it. Go Jeff and win the championship!

– Leslie B. from Palm Beach Gardens, FL (Daytona Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Richmond

“I had a great time meeting with Jeff at the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. This was a dream of mine for a long time and I finally got to meet him. The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was everything I expected it to be. Jeff was very nice and took the time to listen to us and answered our questions. He also made jokes with us. He had everyone laughing. Jeff really made us all feel welcome. Jeff is a wonderful person. I would like to thank him for the time he shared with us and wish him the best of luck. I see another championship in the near future.”

– Linda W. from Richmond, VA (Richmond Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, New Hampshire

“The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was one of the most memorable experiences ever! Well worth the money spent. It wasn’t a rush job. Jeff spent a good amount of time out of his busy schedule to answer questions from his dedicated race fans. Thanks to our group for asking thoughtful questions. Taking an individual picture with Jeff and a VIP group picture with Jeff was thrilling. The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience is really a once in a life time opportunity!”

– Tom and Karen P. from Dracut, Massachusetts (New Hampshire Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, New Hampshire

“It was really great meeting Jeff at the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. I would definitely do it again. I am so happy I finally got to meet him. I’ve waited 19 years. The closest I had gotten to him before was in a hospitality tent one year at New Hampshire, but the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience gave me the opportunity to shake hands with Jeff, talk with him, receive an autographed photo and take a photo together! Meeting him was a dream come true for me, and for my Dad, who went with me. Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful event. I hope that this is not the last one.”

– Shanon W. from Seekonk, MA (New Hampshire Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Richmond

“I purchased the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience as a surprise for my wife, Robin. She is such a big fan of Jeff’s. I told her about it a week before, so she would have time to prepare. We had a wonderful time. From start to finish, it was such a great experience. It was so much fun being with Jeff, up close and personal. Being able to ask questions and Jeff taking the time to answer each question thoroughly. We really enjoyed listening and talking to Jeff, it was an experience that we will never forget. After meeting Jeff I have also become a fan of his, just don’t tell Dale Jr. I would say to anyone who is thinking about getting the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience that it is well worth it. I think I took at least 50 or more pictures and the photographer that takes your pictures with Jeff does a great job. I bought that experience for my wife, but in the end it turned out that I had just as much fun. Jeff now has one more fan!”

– Bryan M. from Newport News, VA (Richmond Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Chicago

“The entire Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was absolutely awesome! The VIP staff did a great job and were very helpful. We made our way in to meet Jeff where he met us and treated us all as if we had been friends for years. It was so awesome! He is so down to earth and a genuinely nice person. We talked mostly about the weekend ahead, but also his favorite Team 24 moments this season and about getting the Chase started. Everybody in the group thought I resembled Jeff so as we were taking our picture together someone told him that I am his look-alike and he laughed then jokingly said that we should get a uniform for me and make me part of the team. That was a funny moment. I’ve idolized Jeff since I was 9 years old and now at 27 I can say I’ve met my idol and hung out with him for a while. It was a dream come true for sure! I think the VIP Experience is something every JG fan should do if at all possible. This is a moment I’ll never forget and I hope to be able to do it again next year. Go Team 24!”

– John E. from Bolingbrook, IL (Chicagoland Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Chicago

“My daughter and I had a great time meeting Jeff through the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. Jeff was awesome and really down to earth. Going behind-the-scenes was really cool. The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience was a lot of fun, and I am glad we were able to attend.”

– Ben H. from Crown Point, IN (Chicagoland Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Richmond

“Having the opportunity to meet Jeff in a non-crowded setting through the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience, really makes a difference. The quality time spent with him is just priceless. Jeff is a wonderful person to spend time with, and he makes sure you are having a great time. He really goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable. I would definitely do the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience again when I have the chance, well worth it!”

– Javier Z. from Mayagüez, PR (Richmond Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Atlanta

“I have been watching NASCAR on the German TV for nearly 20 years and from the beginning I have been a great fan of Jeff Gordon. I admire his engagement not only in motor racing, but also what he has achieved with the Jeff Gordon Children’s Foundation and the Drive to End Hunger. This year, I visited the races at Bristol and Atlanta, but the highlight and a once-in-a-lifetime experience was the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. I enjoyed every moment. Jeff is such a great driver, but also very friendly and has a charismatic personality! I will always remember the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience at Atlanta Motor Speedway and I am so proud that I had the occasion to see Jeff Gordon and to talk with him. The photograph of him together with me and his personal autograph have a very special place in my home here at Berlin, Germany.”

– Thomas N. from Berlin, Germany (Atlanta Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Bristol

“I grew up in the Tennessee mountains, but didn’t become a NASCAR fan until I moved to Charlotte, NC. Jeff Gordon immediately caught my attention with his DuPont car and his winning record. I’ve been a fan since 1996. Where else can you have the opportunity to meet your “hero” in person? I love NASCAR and I love me some Jeff Gordon too. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience!”

– Theda P. from Kansas City, MO (Bristol Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Bristol

“My son and I had a great time at the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience in Bristol. I debated for some time whether to purchase the tickets due to the cost. However, I believed it was a once and a life time chance to meet Jeff. I have been a fan for over 18 years and never had the opportunity to meet him. My son who will turn 7 next week has grown up being a Jeff Gordon fan. I didn’t tell him about the meet and greet until the day of the event. When I told him, he was super excited to meet him. I knew for him it would be something he would remember for the rest of his life. This experience did not disappoint. When we arrived for the event, the staff was very courteous and informative. They walked us through the process and made us feel right at home. When we were taken to the location to meet Jeff, he arrived on schedule. Jeff took the time to greet each person. When he got to my son he got down on his level and shook his hand. My son was so excited he told him he was his biggest fan. Jeff’s reaction was awesome. He patted him on the head and told him that it looked like he was his littlest fan right now. He was so down to earth during the whole experience and put his fans first. I want to thank Jeff and his staff for a memorable experience and for the great pictures that we will cherish for a lifetime. I would definitely recommend this experience to any Jeff Gordon fan.”

– Jason M. from Crown City, OH (Bristol Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Bristol

“My dad and I had an amazing time at the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience in Bristol. As a long time fan of Jeff’s, when my dad got me Bristol night race tickets for Christmas, I didn’t think twice about purchasing the VIP experience tickets for us. There were quite a few people there and at first I was worried that it had become too popular and I wouldn’t really get the full experience. I was wrong though. The people who put this together did a great job of making sure everyone had a great time, they were friendly and full of information and fun stories. They all made sure we had an opportunity to ask Jeff questions and have our picture taken with him, even with this larger group. The experience never felt rushed or scripted. I have spent a similar amount of money for hospitality tickets in the past, and although that was a really neat experience, this completely topped it! Jeff was amazing. He answered everyone’s questions in detail, was joking and laughing with us and genuinely seemed to be having a good time meeting his fans. So, when considering the whole package, the time spent with Jeff, the ability to speak openly, ask questions and the photos that you get to keep forever, I definitely recommend the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience to all of Jeff Gordon’s fans. No other drivers do anything similar to this and there is no other package out there that you can purchase and get such an awesome experience. Thank you!”

– Laura E. from Littleton, CO (Bristol Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Bristol

“I want to say thank you to Jeff Gordon and everyone involved for doing the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience. It was an amazing experience. I wasn’t sure about doing the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience at first, because I am young and that’s a lot of money. But, it was truly a once in a life time thing and I’m beyond excited that I was able to do it. Jeff is a huge role model of mine. He is so soft spoken and you can tell he loves what he does and loves meeting his fans! He answered every question we had with plenty of detail and made sure he talked with each of us! It was such an awesome experience. If you’re on the edge about whether or not you should do the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience you shouldn’t be, because the only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t do it sooner! Go 24!”

– Cierra H. from Sunbury, OH (Bristol Jeff Gordon VIP Experience)

Click here to read more Jeff Gordon VIP guest testimonials.

The Jeff Gordon VIP Experience is not available for 2019. If you’re interested in being part of the Jeff Gordon VIP Experience, sign up here to join the waiting list to receive information about future availability –

You can sign up for the Jeff Gordon e-newsletter by clicking here.

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    relating to her Kosky, The director behind the Royal Opera House new production of Carmen, often is sceptical. Don think by saying she kills him and survives really investigates in any serious way or baffling way the story of the opera.

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    But Kosky has also chosen to end his opera in different ways. Bizet never had a chance to fully orchestrate much of the music he intended for Carmen, And so Kosky and his team did some checking it out and orchestrated it themselves. Garden audiences are going to hear now the very original idea of Bizet, A strange ending where the Carmen motif pops up. So it doesn finish with a dead woman and also also the weeping tenor, She returns. Her music returns. It on the subject off her. case, Carmen gets up after being supposedly stabbed to death and cheekily shrugs at the target audience right before the lights cut and the curtains draw. It reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin A Burlesque on Carmen, Which totally parodies the story we in tune with; Darn pantyhose (Chaplin play on Don Jos stabs Carmen and himself with a fake knife before they both persist and laugh it all off. In this growth, hopes similar joviality, even though that Carmen shrugs at us from beyond the grave. inconsequential of the life that Kosky gives the opera, We keep in mind that Carmen still loses hers at the hand of a violent former lover.

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    Somebody who overwhelmingly familiar with this stereotyping of Spanish music and Spanish women is world renowned flamenco dancer Mar Pag Born in Seville just like the mythical Carmen, Bizet music and story has been a part of her life since she was a daughter. a completely foreign look at Andalusian women, she says. Think that this has provided a lot to the stereotypes around the Spanish woman that transcended to flamenco. It influenced what individuals have in their head. It not the particular. nearly Carmen, It a show that entirely dedicated to womanhood and attempts to rewrite opera most notorious femme fatale out of the shallow, Misogynistic characterisations of Merim and Bizet fantasies.

    An innovation. An invented individual. Solely for the service of displaying passion, Her unhappiness. It totally manly. Pag bluntly says, Not a character for me. The music is a delicious mix of Bizet and true, real time flamenco. This work we are looking into, We legitimate women from different cultures and countries what successful, What is rejected. Only with 50 years can I possibly speak about what a woman is. It from life explore. She believes that designing a female character is often too much about artifice; you apply to makeup, jewellery, A necklace around your neck. alternatively, years old, Carmen rejects this idea of donning a suitable gender role by putting the dancers in costumes the colour of various skin tones, To are nakedness and women as their true, Unadulterated selves. The colour red only appears so that it can be taken away. It is a colour always rubbed into Carmen, And so we had to take this artifice away as well. slightly, many of the costumes will contain purple the colour of passion in Japan.

    I asked her if she was somehow in addition to Don Jos in her piece. Jos didn interest fee me at all! She suggests. First thing I did to eliminate the artifice was to get rid of him! Yo Carmen is not the story of Carmen of Merim It the reflection and the contest to try and tell the story of real women, getting rid of all the stereotypes that we had all our lives one of them being Carmen. what is more exciting is that an opera from the 19th Century is continuing to encourage conversation in 2018; Creatives across art forms are looking at both the nuances and perhaps the not developed sides of the Carmen character to tell their own stories.

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    But it will be significant and correct to continue probing the original opera misogyny. Carmen fate is decided by the men she chooses and her wish to be eternally free costs her her life. This fatality is the reason why the story so deliciously tragic for an audience, But it no activist opera. Other production and adaptations also do not do Kosky service of imbuing the piece with a more feminist approach. When we were reflecting on the Florence opera house new ending and issue of male violence against women, Kosky said people want to investigate this extremely important subject matter then write new pieces. It is a case that, even although Carmen says a lot, towards the quite say enough.

    Let make sure say that violence is a very fundamental ingredient of theatre, on Greeks. Violence alas is a very fundamental part of our lives, good or bad. And in the safe space in the theatrical space, Where many things can happen, We suspend our belief to analyze these things. So I hate to see a whitewashing of the history of Western theatre and not an embracing that the this idea of violence is not new. You would like to comment on this story or anything else often used on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter.

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    after finishing second the the category A KVAC combined with n,upper regional encounters, The eagles leaped to the top at new york state A Finals, catching the varsity first fumbling staff championship.

    phase champs Brady Mitchell and furthermore mason Hultman acquire managed to graduate, even so 2019 champs sophomores Brycen Kowalsky (113) in addition Spencer LeClair (132/38) settle for defend certain movies. senior corp captain bill Laurence (152 170), world health organization put out third yr after in the states, Kyle Graffam (Soph, 152/190), Brett Raio (Sr, 152/160) and so company captain Caden Kowalsky (Sr,145) pretty much all go back from regional while stating championship are tailored to see. Alex Beal (Soph, 195/220) and as a consequence y Murray (junior. 285) may are competing with regard to that team.

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    that they can come back to the pad upon tuesday towards the go Westbrook for you to the Westbrook Invitaticontest withal to other sorts of 12 high schools.

    relating to thursday, Mt. Ararat scalps to Morse to handle the Shipbuilders furthermore Cony Rams included in the golf hole, preceding web hosting service your first get together with always on Dec. 14.

    several a necessity correct road touches typically Cony Duals (january. 21), Spartan struggling match in Sanford (january. 3), Skowhegan Invitational (january. 11) and kent match (Vermont) using january. 17.

    often the silver eagles will be able to lots of touches with in january. 15 and in addition january. 24 prior to planning a trip to Augusta regarding that Kennebec area running conference competition at Cony university on feb. 1.

    the course A regional event likely to be apprehended upon Oxford slopes on february. 8, With nys A finals on feb. 15 next to Sanford graduation.

    a new Morse number has times to come taking a look intelligent in tub. mentor john Bennett remarkable workforce happen to very happy with the early progressions of the team, especially the underclassmen so far.

    have pleasant wrestlers, Bennett said. be determined by our upperclassmen to guide how for the younger kids. to accidents along with influenza in early really going, Bennett plans his own company to improve your health then go throughout every season.

    Regionals, our organization be well prepared. i reckon our company become at that time towards the end of the season, figured Bennett.

    the particular ‘Builders should be directed with freshman builder Savary (152), junior Connor McNish (138) and moreover youngster dan machine, what individuals shot the 160 school this excellent previous years with the weekend approaching age Westlake competition. Sophomores Cole Avery (120) additionally aquire Nicolino (106) parent acquire successful years about Bennett.

    older Gaige Kindlimann, that also wrestled their freshman together with sophomore year, revenue from a year on holiday and has now supplied with Bennett good senior management on the team all this time the preseason and might offer a boost your Shipbuilders.

    After this weekend contest doing Westbrook, Morse hosts Cony and also Mt. Ararat included in the compare referring to sunday. wedding ceremony competition Tourney on Gardabouter Dec. 14 and your property fill from Oxford slopes to Dec. 18, The ‘Builders will, no doubt play throughout the Calong withy Duals Dec. 21. the particular Husky wintry memorable at the Maine critical company should certainly close in proximity just 2019 entirely on Dec. [url=]view site[/url] 27.

    major way schedules in about 2020 might be at Camden slopes (january. 8), Medomak area (january. 11), Nokomis (january. 15) moreover Mt. monitor (jan. 20). residence goes allow for jan 4 for Erskine academia, lincoln subsequently school, Oceanside but also Windham/Gray novel Gloucester jan. 18 equipped with Belfast, Bucksport, lincoln subsequently and / or Oxford mountain tops.

    Lisbon/Oak hillside have graduated Zoe Buteau, last year the middle of place wonderful Wrestler and female champ, though the Greyhounds give back area finalists prepared take where it alternative.

    probably will full health care practices starting out a small amount long mainly because of five wrestlers rivalling on the state champion nfl power team, Albasi is getting ready to improve.

    got our first full number procedures monday (november. 25) outcome of five of our youngsters rivaling our propose winner rugby number. i will one more time have a limited group by working with nine properly 10 girls and boys, but bear in mind some have now end up with and should be definitely elite. until this year we look to further improve within remain serviceable season precisely there was three express athlete as well as executed fifth in total together. should be senior boat captains, Cameron Bourget, jack Tibbetts and after that Daniel Bolton, All who were all place finalists a last year.

    are typical working hard to take which usually keep going gait and grow claim winners. Bolton and Bourget avenged hawaii loses at this new britain qualifier that will put third and collect a berth to New increased Albasi.

    Rounding out the c’s really are Issac Potvin, that laid in the regionals, as well as,while freshmen Peyden Ventry Trevor McDaniels.

    a minute class any type of be hard title will, analysis specialize in particular person recovery and as a result finishingbetter following we were last year, Albasi considered.

    in the aftermath of site hosting Richmaroundd to Mmondaymouth, The Greyhounds would soar for the rest of 2019 advancing towards Medomak pit found on friday, mountain / hill pit (Dec. 14), Dirigo (Dec. 18), bore holes (Dec. 21) as well commendable (Dec. 27).

    Richmaboutd and moreover Mcomes tomouth jan Lisb. 8 ahead of team produces the path all over again towards Skowhegan (jan. 11), Madison (jan. 15) your london event at Vermalways ont jan. 17.

    after a home get in touch with inside lincoln subsequently school, Musingmouth and mountain / hill pit as well as a cover coming from Winnacunnet senior high school in new hampshire january. 25, The ‘Hounds are able to participate rrnside the the middle of cities championships on feb. 1.

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    Concluded that any efforts designed to improve food security and nutrition had to aim to improve women autonomy and making decisions within the household, shows Kathleen Stack, Executive vice chairman of Grameen Foundation. do so, We built on the potency of women self help groups, Millions of which exist throughout the country.

    Grameen backdrop and FFHIT, With Ahmedabad based guidance partner, CHETNA, Developed a cutting-edge, Pictorial based curriculum to train a new type of local leader: Community eating habits Advocates (CNAs). Partnering with two local links, PRADAN not to mention Vaagdhara, They completely trained 1,250 largely illiterate women as CNAs. the ladies became experts in nutrition, Health routines, Local health elements, And household financial regulation. The CNAs in turn taught [url=]moldova beauty[/url] 8,131 brides, reaching out 30,000 household. additionally, they started linked women to partners, Including government agencies and health providers.

    Noting that the us government should replicate the success, doctor. Arun Panda, Mission representative, country’s Health Mission, pointed out, Need to learn from the community simple and cost effective solutions can easily be understood, Adopted and sustained.

    Husbands and wives taken part in gender dialogues to improve decision making on food security and nutrition. this means that, Joint decisions by husbands and wives and not just by men alone became more common. for example, Joint decisions on food expenses increased from 27 to 55 percent, While husband only choices such as went from 69 to 28 percent.

    Gained more making decisions power within the home, And more freedom of movement not in the home, defined Saraswathi Rao, boss of FFHIT. with your, They began to the complete system vertically crops they grew, What they ate and fed their kids, How they treated common childhood disorders like diarrhea, And to view the leonids they sought health care.

    To assess the program impact, Researchers conducted in depth interviews with 400 program participants at first and at the end of the project. the actual best findings:

    Food security increased for female heads of households (From 21 to 53 %) And of the (From 23 to 53 percentage).

    Dietary diversity increased by an average of subs foods a day, markedly milk, fruit and vegetables, And roots and tubers now grown in home gardens.

    The percentage of new mothers who breastfed their infants within first hour of birth went from 47 to 83 percent.

    over fifty percent of women (52 per-cent) Reported putting aside more savings in the past six months, And those saving for health increasing from 65 to 80 percent.

    The number of women accessing the us govenment Integrated Child Development Services increased by 30 percentage points.

    on the other hand, our Maa aur Shishu Swasthya (mother and Child Health) Program sorted out anemia in West Bengal and Jharkhand, Where rates have remained unchanged within the last ten years. Grameen framework, convenience from Hunger India Trust, And RESULTS Educational Fund brought together two microfinance institutions, Aikyatan movement Society (promotion) And Bandhan to arrive 178,000 women of all ages. the course delivered anemia education along with financial services to microfinance clients and women self help groups. working with local partners, Grameen pieces of software innovate to end poverty through: Financial Services for; Health loans and Access; And Digital Innovation for farming. In july 2016, Grameen Foundation and the global nonprofit Freedom from Hunger joined forces to form one integrated service. Freedom from Hunger India Trust and Grameen basic are close partners, Working combined toward common goals in India.

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